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RE: [Icehouse] new Treehouse rules layout

  • FromScott Sulzer <ssulzer@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 23 Jan 2006 08:06:28 -0800

It occurs to me that the problem with 'Left', 'Right' , 'Forward', 'Backward'  terminology arises for the abstract nature of the game. For instance when we played left or right made essentially no matter in winning what did matter was over all orientation for example if the goal was  3^ 1> 2<   (^=upright >=right <=left) then 2> 1< 3^ would also win because of the relative Identity of the positions. Similarly the house starting position on the rules 2>1^3< could also be 3>1^2< and might be described in Zendo terms thus  => a small upright with a medium and a large flat on opposite sides both point toward the small piece <= and ANY positiong that would match this description would win regardles off pointing Right, Left, North, South, East, West, Forward, Backword, etc. the problem of course is how to fit all that on the inside of a tube.

Errrr, Not quite relative.  As it states in the rules, “Your trio always occupies a line of 1-3 spaces, which runs parallel to the House.”  The largest problem with terms such as left, right, forward and backward is that we, unless otherwise instructed, take them to be relative to our own facing, with certain exceptions(such as in a vehicle).  Forward is always in front of us, backwards is always behind us, it’s our right and our left.  With the trio of pieces always being parallel to the house, this would seem to suggest that the facings should be relative to the House, which means that a facing for the House should be declared at the beginning.  Whoever looks at the House and sees the starting image would be to the Houses front.  Also, because your pieces are always parallel to the House, this would seem to imply that 2>1^3< is not equivalent to 3>1^2<.  Again, this is because each trio has an orientation requirement (parallel) beyond their own entity.  Unlike Zendo, there exist forces outside of each Koan which influence the Buddha nature.

Ok, enough on this for now, we can argue it a bit more later,

Scott Sulzer

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