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[Icehouse] CAD vs Graphic Illustration Programs

  • FromTony Vigil <tjvigil66@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 10 Feb 2006 14:20:16 -0800 (PST)
icehouse-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 13:20:43 -0500 (EST)
From: "Ryan Hackel"

Is there a better software package for drawing shapes to precise measurements? I only used AutoCAD because it was ready at hand. I'm open to suggestions of alternatives.

I use Macromedia Freehand for my general vector graphic work.  CorelDraw & Adobe Illustrator are very similar products.  All three are very precise & work well for this kind of design work.

I wouldn't say that these are better than CAD, but they are more graphic/illustration oriented.  Both can create the same basic model, but the vector based illustration programs allow far more freedom when it comes to adding color & style.

oh, by the way... new pyramid design!!!


This version is much sturdier than the last version since all 4 sides will now have 3 layers of paper!  It might sound like overkill, but go ahead and try one.  It is much better than my last design.  This PDF version has no color (except for one wee bonus).  You can freely color your pyramids with markers, crayons... whatever you want, then assemble the model.  The assembly isn't much different than the original version.  This version just has extra tabs & sides.

In the near future, I will get my very own pyramids page up & running.  I have a few homebrewed Icehouse games as well as some fantastic color versions of my pyramid design as PDF downloads, including as graphical set that includes the elements, Earth, Air, Fire & Water.

Until then, enjoy this new model & feel free to share your comments or suggestions!  If anybody is interested, I can create BMP versions of the basic white pyramid model that can personalized in Photoshop or other image editor.

Let me know. :~)

- Tony

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