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[Icehouse] icehouse games for kids

  • From"Mark Crane" <craniac@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 6 Mar 2006 11:22:26 -0700

I am looking for recommendations for icehouse games for my kids, ages
4.8, 6, and 9, respectively.

RamBots was a little fiddly for the six year old, although I make come
up with a reduced ruleset emphasizing laser blasts that he would go

We have played the remake of icehouse (forgot the name) which I think
is great, but they get frustrated with.

The six year old plays chess, and will play anything.  The nine year
old needs a violent theme attached, and our little girl, who is almost
five, might get into a simplified Zendo.

I'm not too familiar with games outside of the "Playing with Pyramids"
canon, however.

Oh, and this may be blasphemy, but the pyramids make awesome "glyph"
markers for Heroscape!

p.s. has anyone translated any of the GIPF games to icehouse?  Zertz
seems like a possible candidate.

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