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Re: [Icehouse] game rules and definitions

  • FromKristin <kristin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 27 Jul 2006 13:04:15 -0400
--On July 26, 2006  Porter235 <porter235@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

All the talk of getting colours named correctly for binary homeworlds...
brings up another issue.... that is "standard icehouse set" or "full set"
phrases used in games, and making sure the world knows what that means
now  that we are in the Treehouse world of pyramids.

Yes!  Please do keep helping us do this!

I built this page...

and created this brochure:

and you guys built this:

Great stuff!  I just surfed around the Iceouse.org wiki again,
wow you guys have done great stuff with this site.  Awesome!

Once 3HOUSE is done, which is still a few months away, I've got
all sorts of marketing things I want to do with they pyramids...

until then - the good news is - Treehouse is selling REALLY well.

we are scrambling to make more they are selling so fast. Yay!

Let me apologize once again for making such a radical shift
in the way we sell and talk about the pyramids - I do understand
how much it shakes everything up as far as the system itself is
concerned.  But let me tell you, it is so very very much worth it.

Pyramids are selling in stores like they never have before. And
not only that - the book - Playing with Pyramids - has started
selling significantly better, too!  We are seeing restocks on
the book from our distributors like never before!

Here's what two of our retailers are saying about Treehouse:

"The copy of Treehouse that we received at GTS was a huge hit.
My wife demo'd it to me the day after she got back and we had three
people IN LINE to try a demo before we finished our first game.  I
love the game, it's colorful, eye-catching, easy to play and demo
and inexpensive.  We sold through our initial order within days of
getting it on the counter.
-Steve & Janenne Ellis / Rules of Engagement Games /  Havelock, NC

"We have been demoing Treehouse in our store.  It's great because
it only takes about five minutes to demo and sales off of that
five minute demo are quite good.  The biggest problem is that our
distributors are running out of Treehouse and the Playing with
Pyramids book.
- Diana Outwater, The Game Habitat,  Monterey, CA.

We still have a lot to do towards "making sure the world knows
what it means now in the Treehouse world of pyramids"  please
help us continue to find and fix places that talk about it in
old terms that don't make much sense anymore.  Getting the game
Treehouse selling in stores is the first step towards bringing
TONS of new fans into playing with pyramids - but once they try
just Treehouse, and show up at your Icehouse wiki, we want to
try to ensure they get drawn in and hooked on all the other
amazing games you can play with the pyramids...

Anyway...  Thanks for helping us promote our pyramids!

-Kristin (of the Looney variety)

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