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  • FromTheLoneGoldfish <thelonegoldfish@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 10 Oct 2006 01:55:46 -0500
First diagram on page three:
"Starting" and "home" are synonymous in games, perhaps "starting/destination" or "home/goal" would be more clear.

And I can't stop wondering why the corners are blocked off (they don't seem to have any strategic value, aside from a place to run and hide in an advanced game)

-Evan again

On 10/10/06, TheLoneGoldfish <thelonegoldfish@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
General Comments:
It seems, though not explicitly stated, that only the top pyramid in a tree or nest can be made to move. (otherwise I'd cruise around on my 1'pointers in nests)

On the formatting of the pdf, the turn sequence seems to get lost in a sea of tables and illustrations (very nice photos)

Speaking of tables, perhaps you should place the Treehouse die translator table in a sidebar so that it fits all on one page (I hate tables that span pages).

Can you move diagonal? (thought of this in the aim section)

A turn sequence flowchart would be very nice. [move] > [roll] > [combat] > [end]

Perhaps some general rules about trees and nests and what can be targeted should be included. You mention in various points on the table that pieces can be pinned and trapped. Does this occur every time a piece covers an enemies'? Or only when those results make that happen? And then how do you remember which pyramids are pinned and which aren't on following turns.

Does "Tip" affect all players? or just the player who rolled?

Do I tip trees/nests that contain my opponent's pieces? i.e. would I pin my own piece if last turn I hopped on one of theirs?

Can I swap the little pyramid in my nest for my opponent's pyramid in their nest (say for the opening move). And is that pyramid then pinned?

When I aim and initiate combat, when does the combat occur? When I first encounter the enemy, or when I finish moving all my pieces.

Also, does the game boil down to "whoever rolls the most aims and wilds wins"? It seems that the goal is to move six pyramids seven [or five] spaces each, with some mechanics for attacking players back to their starting positions (sorry), for a slight advantage in position.

If I lose combat, and my opponents occupy both of my starting zones, what then?

Combat Rolls:
If we're adding new results to an equal number and seeing who's is greater, do we need to add the previous results?

(x+y) [< or > or =] (x+z)
is the same with or without the x's.

There does not seem to be any benefit/consequence to the numbers rolled except whether or not one set is greater than the other.

Advanced Rules:
Wouldn't it just be easier to keep the reserve units off the board until called? I think that would be less confusing.

Do you lose as soon as two of your same pieces are killed (because you cannot make two trees at the end)?

That's all for now I suppose. Sorry for the repeats of Marc's comments.

-Evan Parker

On 10/9/06, Marc Hartstein < marc.hartstein@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Mon, Oct 09, 2006 at 01:56:21AM +0000, jdunaway@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>    Hi, everyone....I've just finished designing a game around Treehouse
>    and would like to solicit some feedback (positive and/or negative)
>    about the game. I've attached a copy of the rules. If for some reason
>    it does not come through, email me at jdunaway@xxxxxxxxxxxxx and I
>    will email you the pdf version.
>    Many thanks in advance,
>    Jim

Hey Jim,

Neat idea.  For the Advanced Version, is it possible to knock someone
out of the game by removing more than one complete nest, or can only the
first piece of each size be removed per player?

Am I correct in reading that HOP, DIG, and SWAP can go anywhere on the
board?  So you can (and presumably often would) go from your home area
to your opposite's home area with these?

Can a piece in the middle of a stack (meaning anywhere but the top of
any structure of pieces) move, or only the one on top?  Can you SWAP
into the middle of a stack?  Can you SWAP an opponent piece into the
middle of a stack?


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