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  • From"Carol Townsend" <carol.townsend@xxxxxxxxx>
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Wouldn't Dexter Homeworlds have to be created in a lab where your sister DeeDee is always trying to come in and see what THAT button does???? 


On 10/28/06, Jeremy Lewis (Home) <paxdraxus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You know, that's a very cool title... though I must admit it makes me want to play Dexter Homewood just to be silly.




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Sinister means Evil... And more importantly for this, left.

Sinister works just like normal Good/evil homeworlds, except that everyone's goal is to eliminate the player to their left (while defending against the player to their right).

I think you use the same number of pyramids as a normal homeworlds game (5 of each, rather than the 3 of each size of each color used in binary homeworlds).

The pool will probably never be per player, as the scarcity of pyramids is one of the key components to homeworlds. Also, then you would have a larger maximum if you ever captured an opponent's piece.

I think that should answer your questions.

-Evan from chicago.

On 10/27/06, bsksms-webmaster@xxxxxxxx <bsksms-webmaster@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Somebody can explain to me with detail as one plays the Sinister Homeworld? In individual, where draw the pyramids? And how treat the pool? Has an only and unique pool or one by player? or how works? Thanks

Excuse for my English.

Regards from Spain,


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