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[Icehouse] Crazy Good Tell-a-Store program

  • FromCarol Townsend <rabbit-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 10 Nov 2006 09:01:43 -0600
Hey Icehouse fans,
Have you seen this?

It's a program where we're asking Icehouse fans to go out and get store owners interested in the pyramids. Please visit any store in your area that you think this game would fit into - both stores that already sell our games, and those whom have never heard of them.

This page gives you easy step by step instructions:

Treehouse is an amazing game - I've played it with all sorts of people who have never played (and who probably would never have wanted to play) any pyramid game. Treehouse just brings people in like magic.

So... if you can, please, go visit a store or two near you. Take the flyers and your pyramids. Play some quick games of Treehouse with the store owners. If you haven't done so yet, be sure you read the rules and learn to play before you go! Tell them about your other favorite pyramid games. And then let us know how your store visit went. We appreciate your part in helping us sell lots and lots of pyramids and coasters this holiday season!

If you are registered Rabbit, each store visit is worth 3 Rabbit Points - just fill out and return the Store-Info report form to us.

Thanks for being such great fans - it's because of you folks that we keep making fun games!

Peace and Play Games!

Carol Townsend
Event Maven and Rabbit Wrangler

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