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Re: [Icehouse] Giant Pyramid Dimensions

  • FromTheLoneGoldfish <thelonegoldfish@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 20 Nov 2006 17:22:34 -0600
Well, having the better sense to actually read through the thread before running around the house with big knives and scissors... Yeah, getting cardboard cut with box folds across the surface (I can't get 2 pyramid sides on a single side of the box) is probably a bad idea (especially making at least 5 that way).

> If you do a little research (I recommend Make magazine - Eeyore's been
> in it!) and think laterally, you can probably tinker up a solution for
> making giant pieces that's even better than the cardboard kits. It's
> worth it. Create the next generation.

Next gen ideas though:
* Make them like kites. Get a skeletal structure (possibly thin pvc) and stretch fabric over them. (though that may not work well for stacking, and I don't know how you'd get the sides of the pyramid to fit into the base)

*well, next gen idea is more like it.

-Evan (off to play a headless mutant and then work)

On 11/20/06, TheLoneGoldfish <thelonegoldfish@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Well thanks to a post from before I was on the list (thanks ee0r)
> [http://lists.looneylabs.com/pipermail/icehouse/2006-April/000565.html ]
> I was able to determine that the minimum amount of cardboard you need
> to cut out a 3-point giant pyramid (using his mentioned 8x scale) is a
> rectangle measuring 1' 7-3/8" by 1' 6-5/16" (without glue-flaps)
> Alas these boxes I have so many of are too small for such an endeavor
> (though I suppose I could see if I could cut two half pyramids and
> glue them together, rather than having only one glue point...
> I have an excessive amount (several hundred) of 15"x14"x8" boxes that
> are just going to be shipped to the recycle dump... so I thought they
> could be made into pyramids...
> (back to AutoCAD to try and see if I can fit the shapes onto the box.)
> PS: Momma rabbit, how are the giant pyramids coming along?
> -Evan

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