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[Icehouse] Giant Pyramid Dimensions

  • FromTheLoneGoldfish <thelonegoldfish@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 20 Nov 2006 16:50:51 -0600
Well thanks to a post from before I was on the list (thanks ee0r)
I was able to determine that the minimum amount of cardboard you need
to cut out a 3-point giant pyramid (using his mentioned 8x scale) is a
rectangle measuring 1' 7-3/8" by 1' 6-5/16" (without glue-flaps)

Alas these boxes I have so many of are too small for such an endeavor
(though I suppose I could see if I could cut two half pyramids and
glue them together, rather than having only one glue point...

I have an excessive amount (several hundred) of 15"x14"x8" boxes that
are just going to be shipped to the recycle dump... so I thought they
could be made into pyramids...

(back to AutoCAD to try and see if I can fit the shapes onto the box.)

PS: Momma rabbit, how are the giant pyramids coming along?


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