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[Icehouse] Hello, everyone!

  • From"Marissa Wills" <crystallineangel@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 19 Feb 2007 15:07:05 -0600
For all of you who don't know me from the Rabbit listhost, my name is Marissa. I'm a relatively new rabbit, getting my start at GenCon 2006 though I had been blabbing about the games before then. Anyway, I just recently finished my collection of Icehouse pieces, but I am a little sad since all they seem to do currently is gather dust. :( However, I do keep my Treehouse sets with me, and they have seen use.

Part of me really, really wants to learn Icehouse and some more pyramid games, since I'm only reasonably well-versed in Icetowers, Volcano, Treehouse, and Martian Coasters (the latter two because I was demo-ing them for a full weekend). I have "Playing with Pyramids", but I know that you can't learn a game by just reading about it. So, I guess I'm asking if there's someone in Chicago (or in the Indianapolis area: I'm there during breaks from school) that would be kind enough to play with me.

Thanks a ton, and I hope I can contribute to this listhost,

Marissa, the Pine Tree Rabbit

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