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  • From"Avri" <avri@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 20 Feb 2007 01:47:16 GMT

Hi, Marissa. 

I can't be of any help regarding face to face play in Chicago, being out East in NYC as I am, but I can recommend Aaron Dalton's excellent site, www.superdupergames.org.

I'm currently playing in games of Homeworlds, Martian Chess, Blam!, Pikemen, BTT and Sprawl.  It's not the same as playing with the pretty pyramids themselves, but it is much better than not playing at all!  I've found the community very welcoming and friendly, and best of all willing to discuss strategy/tactics over a game.

If you do join up, feel free to challenge me to any of the Icehouse games implemented. I'm still rather mediocre at all of them!  My screenname there is nycavri.

Good luck finding face to face opposition.  I'm looking forward to starting many a conversation over a Treehouse/Martian Coasters gamr at the NY ComicCon this weekend.....


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For all of you who don't know me from the Rabbit listhost, my name is Marissa. I'm a relatively new rabbit, getting my start at GenCon 2006 though I had been blabbing about the games before then. Anyway, I just recently finished my collection of Icehouse pieces, but I am a little sad since all they seem to do currently is gather dust. :( However, I do keep my Treehouse sets with me, and they have seen use.

Part of me really, really wants to learn Icehouse and some more pyramid games, since I'm only reasonably well-versed in Icetowers, Volcano, Treehouse, and Martian Coasters (the latter two because I was demo-ing them for a full weekend). I have "Playing with Pyramids", but I know that you can't learn a game by just reading about it. So, I guess I'm asking if there's someone in Chicago (or in the Indianapolis area: I'm there during breaks from school) that would be kind enough to play with me.

Thanks a ton, and I hope I can contribute to this listhost,

Marissa, the Pine Tree Rabbit
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