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Re: [Icehouse] Re: The original pyramid size formula revealed!

  • FromAndy Looney <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 07 Mar 2007 17:20:21 -0500
I hope my cajoling you to give us the scoop was taken in the
good-humored way that I intended

Oh, of course.

I *really* appreciate
you giving the actual history of their development, and thereby
revealing the formula underlying the current dimensions (which was
emergent, not dictated).

Actually, I'm very happy to answer your questions of this sort, I'm just way too busy.

So... even though the formulas get you glassy-eyed, which ones would
"reign supreme," if you were to use them to develop 0-, 4-, 5-,

A 4 pointer would be just the right size to fit over top of a 3 pointer. A 5 pointer would just cover a 4 pointer. I dunno what that fits the formula, but that's what my gut says. The 0 pointer is already determined. (And yes, it stacks onto others, though it is a bit wobbly.)

Anyhow... thanks a million, and forgive me if I offended
unintentionally. My exuberance can be a liability, in plain text....

I am not offended, nor could I ever be, by the enthusiasm of my fans.
Thanks for being a squeaky wheel until I gave you the answers you needed!

-- Andy

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