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Re: [Icehouse] "What Can I Play" Wiki Plug-In Idea (Radical)

  • FromJoseph Pate <jpate@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 5 Apr 2007 14:37:18 -0700 (PDT)
Sounds like a great idea!   but I'm glad I'm not programming it  ;-)


> All the talk of single stash v Treehouse set has me thinking hard about
> the whole "Category paradigm" in use at Icehousegames.org. I mean, is
> there even an "All Categories" page, for instance? How would a new
> player know to search on various categories? How do designers know
> exactly which categories work best for their games?
> And then it HIT me... this is a plug-in waiting to happen:
> == THE CanPlay APPLET ==
> - Imagine a "What Can I Play" form (on the Main Page) that any
> registered user can filled out and Submit.
> -- The form is just a a slew of checkboxes and spinners:
> ---- # of each type of Treehouse set:
> -------- #/Rainbow, #/Xeno
> ---- # of each color of stash:
> -------- #/Black, #/White, #/Gray, #/Red, #/Orange, #/Yellow, #/Green,
> #/Cyan, #/Blue, #/Purple
> ---- # of Martian Coasters sets
> -------- # of Black Coasters
> - When you Submit the form to the plug-in, it parses out what you've
> told it into a complete "audit" of every piece, color, and type you own
> (e.g. # of red smalls; # of black larges, etc; number of each color of
> single Martian Coaster).
> -- It then formats a query of the new "CanPlay" database and submits it
> (continues below).
> - On the game page editing side of things, there's a new, not-rendered
> "ProductsNeeded" widget--like an invisible InfoBox--which is a more
> extensive form.
> -- The form allows you to specify *precisely* what the game needs:
> ---- # of stacks of a PARTICULAR color
> ---- # of stacks of ANY color
> ---- # of stacks OPAQUE
> ---- # of stack TRANSPARENT
> ---- # of individual pieces, in an array of spinners organized by size
> and color
> ---- # of MCs sets
> ---- and anything else I'm not considering at the moment
> -------- Basically, the player form from above, exploded out into every
> reasonable data entry field worth programming.
> -- When you Save a page with a "ProductsNeeded" widget, the widget
> contents are parsed into an "audit" much the same way as when a player
> does it.
> ---- The parsing is written as a single record in the "CanPlay"
> database.
> - So, when a player Submits a form (from above):
> -- A database query will take the parsed audit and test it against the
> game database's parsed records, compiling a hyperlinked list for each
> TRUE result.
> ---- When done, it generates a new wiki page--"[user_name] Can
> Play"--that lists the collection of hyperlinked games in as fiddly a
> presentation as we can do.
> -------- A proper table output view with sortable columns is ideal and
> is probably a MySQL default.
> -- At any time, players can go to their "[user_name] Can Play"
> page--which includes the "What Can I Play" form--and just add to the
> values and click Submit.
> ---- Their pages are refreshed with the TRUE games, with changes tracked
> like any wiki page edit, and they see new games!
> ...
> No, it's not a one-day code job. But, no, it's not a pipe dream, either.
> The database format is not that big a deal--it's a single table:
> + Each game is one record:
> ++ Title string (record key, unique) + Wikilink string + Description
> string + 33 integer fields:
> ++++ 33 Integers = 11 colors + 3 sizes (44 Integers, if we want to be
> forward-compatible with eventual zero-pip pieces).
> + The "auditing" process is simple math, run by a server script (or
> maybe by MySQL itself--not an expert on the various apps):
> ++ Based on form field populated, simple multiplication, parsing
> (#/stacks -> #/SMs, MDs, & LGs), and addition (final fields) will
> complete the audit.
> + The tricky part could come with the wiki integration:
> ++ Forms in a wiki page?
> ++ Form Submit -> SQL -> new wiki user page/update existing wiki user
> page
> ++ ProductsNeeded code scanning (module) -> SQL -> new record in
> database
> ...
> Sorry so long, but I wanted to get as much out there as I could, in one
> shot, rather than plopping back into the list repeatedly with "Oh,
> yeah, and...!"
> The above is is pseudo-code; it would go on the wiki fine (IIRC), if
> someone on the list is an admin and wants to promote this as a possible
> avenue for the wiki's development. You'd know better than I what's
> possible with our setup, how to "reach out" via the wiki functionality
> to those who might help, and if there's any real demand for this (i.e.
> search log analysis, basically).
> I feel confident that this would be a GREAT thing for growing the
> overall brand. One TH stash, and the customers are quickly informed of
> what they can play; every time they buy more, the number of other games
> they can play ramps up visibly, viscerally.
> When I have the Single Stash games PDF out, I will turn to this as a
> Major Project.
> David
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