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Re: [Icehouse] Trehouse set v. single stash

  • From"Chris Kice" <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 5 Apr 2007 16:51:20 -0500
I think these new categories make a lot of sense.  (I've already removed Zamboni Wars from "Single Stash" because you can't really play it with a single color.)  I like the fact that you included Martian Coaster requirements, but you might consider including tags for chess and volcano boards as well.


On 4/5/07, David Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Maybe a third category would help? Something like:
>Where Stash = a set of 15 pyramids, 5 of each size
>"Standard Stash" -- playable with any stash. Color irrelevant, opacity
>"Treehouse Set" -- playable with a Treehouse set.
>"Special Stash" -- playable with <=15 pyramids but requires additional

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