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[Icehouse] New Wiki Page For All

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 17 Apr 2007 11:08:24 -0700
OK, folks, in the spirit of DO rather than argue, I have made the
following page:

I have also updated the Main Page to add a link tot he above page and to
explain the distinction between it and the Choosing Games page.
(I still think Choosing Games should be named Top Icehouse Games or
some-such, to emphasize the distinction between the all inclusive page
and the one with qualifiers--but it's not my page and in-links to

If you've got a game on the wiki that's (mostly) out of playtesting,
please add it to the appropriate table(s) on the What Can I Play? page.
The remainder of that page sorts, explains, and lists several
significant Categories with which you should also be sure you've tagged
your game(s), as appropriate.

One Request: Please think hard about which Number of Treehouse Sets
and/or Number of Icehouse Stashes table cell in which your game
belongs. Ideally (barring significant gameplay variants--refer to how
Martian Chess and Stacktors! are shown) you should be listing in ONE
cell: the one which is the minimum required number. For example:
* A game which requires one monochrome stash per player should appear in
FIVE Sets (with an "up to five players" notation) and in ONE Stashes
(with a PP annotation).
* A game which scales (like Martian Chess) should be listed at each
Stash/Set level which enables another player.
* A game which requires full stashes of (say) the four primary colors
(ex: Zendo) should appear in FIVE Sets and FOUR Stashes.

Make sense?

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