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[Icehouse] Screwed Up Wiki

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 23 Apr 2007 12:04:19 -0700
> Hmmm... anyone
> know how long the wiki has been broken? ERROR: Fatal error: main():

As no one else has mentioned doing so since last week, I have gone ahead
and e-mailed Mike Sugarbaker, asking that he take prompt action, provide
others with admin access to the wiki and its folder, or give the site
and wiki to the Looneys.

[If you continue to read this posting, do so without presuming you know
my mood or tone.]

I also want to use this thread to ask if the Looneys are in a position
to install wiki software in one of their sites' folders (or in the root
of a domain they currently own but do not use). If so, I suggest that
they go ahead and do so, assign a few of us to administer it (and its
folder, but nothing else), and we begin to migrate from the IHG.org

This has several benefits:
1) As business professionals, they are more motivated to maintain
quality of associated sites, like the games wiki.
2) Further, business-level site hosting (usually) has far higher
reliability standards and security.
3) Further still, they can take advantage of "volume pricing" or
otherwise have more affordable hosting, as they already host a couple
of sites.
4) SLICK could be ported to the wiki and then dismantled in its current
form, the better to keep it up-to-date.
5) It consolidates Icehouse-related content under a common brand (URL),
providing better control over presentation and standards.
6) They are not likely to leave the wiki to rot for almost a year.

Here's hoping we can spend more time making and playing games than
trying to work with/around a busted web site....

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