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Re: [Icehouse] Screwed Up Wiki

  • From"Carol Townsend" <rabbit-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 24 Apr 2007 11:12:06 -0500

On 4/23/07, David Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I also want to use this thread to ask if the Looneys are in a position
to install wiki software in one of their sites' folders (or in the root
of a domain they currently own but do not use). If so, I suggest that
they go ahead and do so, assign a few of us to administer it (and its
folder, but nothing else), and we begin to migrate from the IHG.org
site.  [snip]

Hi David (and others who are interested in this chain of discussion)

I thought I'd chime in here with my thoughts on the above.  

We love the Icehouse Wiki - it totally rocks - even when it's being cranky now and again, we still love it.  And we love the fact that it's run by and for the Icehouse Community.  As the Main Page says:
"Welcome to the Icehouse community wiki. This site is NOT affiliated with IcehouseGames.com (http://www.icehousegames.com) or Looney Labs, Icehouse's inventors. This site is by and for those who enjoy pyramid games."

From our standpoint, it runs itself - we have to put no time or effort into its continued existance. That is probably THE most important reason that we don't want to host/run/maintain/be in charge of the wiki.  We just do not have the manpower to deal with it in the way that it needs.  We are all (5 full timers, 3 very-part-timers) are running as fast as we can to do what we need to do to make great games and be the Looney Labs you folks have come to expect.  We simply do not have the time or the people to spend any energy on the Icehouse wiki.

Now, that said, please do know that we know what's going on in the Icehouse wiki.  I'm a member and I do watch what's going on... but only as a member of the community - not as an employee of Looney Labs.  We trust the wiki to do what it does best - be a gathering point for Icehouse community members who want to chat, share games, and self-regulate it's own content.

Your points are valid and well meant, and we appreciate them, and I understand your recent frustrations when the wiki wasn't up and working, but the idea of having Looney Labs administer, move, host, or otherwise "own" the Icehouse wiki is just not in the forseeable future.  Which seems to be what the community wants - the wiki is specifically "not affiated with Looney Labs" and is absolutely "by and for those who enjoy pyramid games."  

We love what the wiki is all about: community action.  We want to keep the community involved.

thanks so much though for your thoughts, ideas, and passion for Icehouse games!!  

 - she who REALLY needs to update her own pages on the Icehouse wiki.... some day...  :)

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