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[Icehouse] IGDC Ranking and Deadline

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 11 Sep 2007 11:09:51 -0700
Avri got the bulk; I'll reiterate for certainty.

> From: miyu <xmiyux@xxxxxxxxx>
> Do you want each student to rank the games? (eg.  Tom ranks them 1. Penguin
> Soccer 2. Zamboni Wars etc.)

Yes. Every individual judge should be sending a rank of the games they
play, from best to worst ("least best," if you're being kind). See the
IGDC rules on the wiki--it's very clear about what ranking means and
about how you can submit rankings (or resubmit them, if you want to
change or add to them during the competition).

> Do you want them to rate each game on a scale?
> Do you want them to just submit a vote for their top game?

No. Either would be useless, in terms of comparing to other judges'
rankings. The latter would *technically* work with our scoring system,
but it might skew the numbers compared to a proper ranking. (I actually
don't really grok the math under our Ranked Pairs scoring method--I rely
on others and their scripting to help with that.)

> If you are interested I can compile some
> of the general notes and impressions from the students and give each
> designer some feedback from the perspective of a bunch of 13-15 year old
> kids learning the game from the rules.

As it is *the very reason* for having the competition, YES, we'd like
you to provide any and all feedback that you can, on each game's Talk
page. While placing first in IGDC Summer 2007 will be worth a kudo or
two, the REAL winners will be those designers whose games get the most
feedback and refinement. Ironically, this will likely be the games which
need the *most* additional work--the "least best" games win the most in
the long run, as long as folks follow-up!

If you're worried about wikiing, don't. Editing the wiki is fairly
simple--especially on Talk pages, where format is less of an issue--and
so I ask that you provide feedback through the wiki Talk pages for each
game, rather than to me via e-mail. Fortunately, that's only a tad more
effort than sending me an e-mail: you have  to navigate to each Talk
page, first, then it's just like an e-mail: click the + symbol, put your
name in the Subject line (or put ~~~, to automatically enter your user
ID and a link to your User Talk page) and start typing.

> We will be playing the games this week and hopefully will have some
> votes/data for you next week.  If that isn't timely enough for you no
> worries.

As Avri said, if you can at least get the rankings in by this weekend,
that would be great. Take your time on the feedback, of course--it's
likely to take a lot more time anyway, so maybe you'd want to work up a
class around it, too: "We chat with the designers, today, via the wiki
Talk pages".

However, I am also considering pushing back the deadline by about a
week. I REALLY wanted to announce the winner while it was still summer,
but not if I have to use only *mumble* rankings to do so. Would it help
you to get in all or most of your rankings, if I pushed it back to next
Friday (21st) rather than next Monday (17th)? Or would you need until,
say, the 24th? I'd rather not stretch it much later than that, if only
so that it's not a total joke that it's the "Summer" IGDC but not
resolved until October.

Thanks for asking;