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The other thing to note about the voting system in place here, is that it allows partial ballots, apparently without discriminating against games left off an individual ballot.  So there is nothing stopping each student from ranking the games he *has* played by the end of the week . . .
Food for thought.
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Well if the deadline is the 17th we may not be able to meet that to submit votes.  Setup, cleanup, and only one 50 minute block of time each day means each group today played one of the games.  The Geomancy group I'm not sure even got a game in because they kept hounding me with rules questions.

I'd be happy to share stories and impressions with the list each day as the kids play the games as long as you don't think it would tread a line of coloring the voting process for anyone on the list.  As a teaser though, I will say that when asked to take notes on the games one group who played one game in particular only wrote that it was "Unbelievably fun.  Much better than Treehouse" They then tried to argue with me why they should be allowed to just play that one game all week rather than try the other titles. :lol:  That group consisted of kids who have never come to my after school board game club but they insist they will be coming today after school if I will let them play some more of that particular game.

It is a teaser because I'm not naming the game unless one of the Masters of judging says it is ok. :D


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