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RE: [Icehouse] IGDC Winter 2008 is ready for announcement tomorrow!

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 05 Nov 2007 09:12:39 -0700
OK, here's an interesting additional point about the "2HOUSE"
restriction on the Winter 2008 IGDC:

I was making a game in which I "required" black versus white--that means
two sets, Rainbow and Xeno, right? It qualifies for the IGDC, right?


Nothing about my new game's rules *actually* required black versus
white--it could be red versus blue or any other color versus any other
color, so long as you have two dice which are different colors and so
long as you assign each die color to a player color. (I have since been
noodling with ways to employ more pieces, so that the basic game notion
can be used while also requiring more than 15 pyramids to setup.)

SO... truly arbitrary color assignments which try to "force" a two-set
setup--but which do not actually require two sets, if one chooses other
arbitrary colors--will not qualify for the "2HOUSE" requirement for the
Winter 2008 IGDC. Color assignments which are critical to play (ex: the
additive properties of, say, cyan and yellow) *will* qualify because one
*must* use two sets to get *requisite* colors without which the game
becomes unplayable.

Make sense? Somebody got a problem with that assessment?