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[Icehouse] XIX IIT: my report

  • From"Tucker" <jazzfish@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 1 Jul 2008 22:53:10 -0400 (EDT)
I played in my first International Icehouse Tournament at my first
Origins, in 1998. In my second game I had a game-destroying crash that
shook me badly enough that I ended up icehoused in games two through four.
(I do have the distinction of being one of the players in the "four in the
icehouse" game, wherein Jacob called Icehouse on himself.) I skipped the
tournament in 1999, but played in the next six. I took fifth place in 2001
and 2005, and sixth (behind Cthulhia) in 2004. I then skipped 2006 to play
in a vicious and unsatisfying LARP, and judged rather than play in 2007
(stupid Lyme).

This year I went into the tournament this year feeling pretty good about
it. Mad props to Ryan M for sweeping the ice-offs and whomping me in the
game he played against me, and I'm quite pleased to have come in second
behind him with 2.5 wins (and to have gotten the green medallion out of
it, too!). Due to the quirks of the schedule I didn't face Eeyore or Josh
in the Ice-offs, so I was fairly nervous going into the finals.

Eeyore won the first game. At the end of the second, Ryan was left with a
large prisoner of Josh's, and mediums belonging to both me and Eeyore that
he could kill with it. If he'd killed mine, Eeyore would have won the game
and (essentially) the tournament; if he'd killed neither, I think Eeyore
and I would have shared the victory (giving Eeyore a strong edge to win
overall). Ryan chose, wisely, to kill Eeyore's piece, giving me the win
and himself a decent chance at the scepter. All he needed to do was win
the third game and beat Eeyore by six points. (I didn't calculate Josh's
required margin, but he was still a contender as well.) (Looking at the
rankings, I seem to have miscalculated; Ryan actually needed to beat me by
two points.)

Much of the last game is a blur. I remember scrambling for a fortress, and
I remember being impressed that I wasn't getting as many of my larges
killed this time. I'm not even sure how the game ended, other than that
I'd played out my pieces shortly before everyone else and was very quietly
counting and recounting the scores. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when
Eric called "Time!" Ryan and I had tied for the win.

>From a tournament score of sixteen to the scepter, in just ten years. Wow.

It is in the nature of poets to misuse their sources.
 --John M. Ford, "The Lost Dialogue"

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