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  • DateSun, 27 Jul 2008 14:02:25 -0400 (EDT)
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From: Don Sheldon <don.sheldon@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 9:35 AM
Subject: Vote for Summer '08
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I never did get to play through any of these, but here are my comments and vote.


My game, I have no notes to make to myself that I don't already know.


read thru: Looks clever.  Definitely needs to be played before forming
a solid opinion.  In the third diagram, how does placing at B2 capture
anything?  I thought it had to form a line.


read thru: The actual height matters?  Genius!  Ambiguity in how much
power you need.  Under "Game terms" it says power must exceed the
defenders, under "Game play" it says it must meet or exceed.  Which is


read thru: Skill and gambling in one?  Genius!  I love how it uses the
intrinsic properties of the 'mids.  Third example: 3 pointing at
upright 2, Is this to be 11 points?  3 + 4 (for 3 at 2^) + 4 (for the
2^ on its own)?  Can you point thru 'mids?  How is that scored?  If a
1 points at an upright 2 and those are both in the same line as the
upright 3 beyond, is that (1+4)+(1+9)+4+9=28?  What about a (nearly
impossible) nest?  (1+4)+(1+9)+(4+9)+1+4+9=42?

The way the game is actually played is a little confusing to me.  Can
this be rewritten, or perhaps include an example?  I got it, but it
took three reads.


read thru: I like the sound of it.  It feels like there may be some
interesting emergent strategies in here.  Have to play to be sure.


read thru: Skill games are fun!  Another one that must be played to
really see how it works.  I worry it might be too slow given the low
weight of the smasher, maybe that's the idea.  I like how it uses the
dimensions of the 'mids intrinsically.


read thru: Simple enough, I like that it has no board.  Need to play
to be sure.  It sounds like it might come down to good luck more than
anything else as the time when a risk needs to be taken seem like they
might be obvious.  Defending a stack sounds like it could be rewritten
to "roll a die for every pip in the stack, rather than rolling in sets
for each pyramid" since the attacker doesn't reroll.  It might speed
up play.


read thru: Did this change at all from the last time it was entered?
I don't think it did.  I did like the idea, and reading I still do.
Playing through it was not entertaining before.  We'll see what it's
like when we try again.


read thru: This has the Puerto Rico problem of minimal player
interaction.  It also sounds like an individual turn can take a long
time while everyone else just sits and stares.  At first I thought a
turn could /literally/ go forever (until victory) only to be saved by
the risk of building.


read thru: Very complicated for an Icehouse game.  I'm not sure how
rewarding play will be, it sounds like a rather lumbering wargame.

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