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Re: [Icehouse] Re: IGDC Winter 2009??

  • From"Eric Wald" <eswald@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 22 Aug 2008 09:33:21 -0600
On Aug 17, Jon Prudhomme wrote:
> Does a game like RAMbots qualify as "no turns"?  All players make their
> decisions simultaneously, but their is a limit to the number of decisions a
> player can make in a given period of time.

I've always considered games like that to be "simultaneous turns".

Other examples include Diplomacy, To Boldly Go, VGA Planets, and
Rock-Paper-Scissors.  It's somewhat more common than one would think,
but still underused.  The good part is that there aren't any long
periods of waiting for everybody else to take their turn; on the other
hand, you need some way to make hidden orders, and each turn can get
hung up while somebody makes a decision.

- Eric

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