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[Icehouse] Request for Info: Extinction and Alheimur

  • FromAaron Dalton <aaron@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 24 Aug 2008 14:28:50 -0600
I've come across 2 games that interest me but with one I have insufficient information and with the other I would like some feedback.

I found the rules for Extinction in the Wayback machine, but no image of the starting positions. Anybody played this game? Any information/opinions would be appreciated.

Alheimur looks like a fascinating combination of Icehouse and Aquarius cards, but the only version of the rules I have is 1.1 and it says playtesters are still wanted. Are there any updates to the v1.1 rules? Has anybody played this? What did you think?

Thanks for the info!
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