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[Icehouse] My game to playtest

  • From"Blake" <topgun505@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 14 Jul 2009 18:40:40 -0400
You'll have to forgive me as I am relatively new to the mailing list area
I'm not sure how to post this as a msg that goes under the existing thread.
As this is (one of) the areas to post a game for playtesting I will post a
link to the write up of my game (which is currently on the wiki).  

I made a variation of checkers.  Don't be fooled, however.  This is a
variant of checkers that is going to make you think.  Against another
skilled opponent this should be about the same level of complexity as chess,
maybe even more so.  I actually set this up at Origins this year for some
testing and Andy came over and inspected it briefly before running off to
another engagement.  I'm glad he didn't stay, actually, because I was not
done playtesting and a few flaws had appeared in the process.  I have no
doubts it needs more polishing but at this point I think it's fairly close
to being balanced.  You can see the write up here:


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