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  • From"captncavern" <captncavern@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 25 Feb 2010 20:50:42 +0900
Thanks for your help and support, guys!

SaintSubversive: As far as playing goes, I don't have much to complain about. Although my girlfriend's hit of the moment is Ticket to Ride, and she doesn't like learning new rules, she'll play Icehouse games because she knows I love them. At least after the third game of TTR :)

Mike: I'm absolutely not attached to the design. Quite the contrary. If you find solutions to the problems raised by Doug, I'll be more than happy!

Doug: We played another game yesterday with 7 piles and negative points (the Aquarius "action cards"). It still felt boring, but you can plan your moves a little more. We also came up with a few ideas:
1. We thought of using the action cards to give the player taking them a special action: steal one card from the opponent, give an extra move to the frog catching the card, discard all visible cards and replace them with the next in pile, take the next card in the pile. This could add some variety to the game, which I think is too repetitive.
2. Giving negative points for eating the opponent's prey.
3. I think the game is too long for what it is. So why not end the game when one player reaches, say, 10 or 12 points?
4. I thought of introducing the concept of indigestion. A frog could only eat a given number of times its size (4 seems reasonable to start with; small: 4, medium:8, large:12; but this needs to be balanced of course). The frogs could never go over that total, and if they land on a card that give them an indigestion, they just wouldn't take it. For this, every card counts (1 for the 4-panel cards, 2 for the 2-panel cards, 3 for the 1-panel cards). I believe that would counter the all-you-can-eat effect you describe as the possible winning strategy.

I don't think changing the movement ability of a covered frog would change the gameplay (and boredom) much, but I won't reject it before testing it. In my first playtests, a covered frog was locked in place until the covering frog moved, but it resulted in one player being able to block the other completely and finish the game alone. I'm not sure this couldn't happen with your solution.

By the way, I've decided the next rules I'll translate for my website would be those for Quintazone. I couldn't try it yet, due to the new-rule problem with my girlfriend, but as soon as she's ready to learn, I'll do that.

I'll keep you informed about my progress, and I'm looking forward to your comments.

Thanks again!

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