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Re: [Icehouse] XXI IIT

  • FromJoshua Kronengold <mneme@xxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 30 Jun 2010 10:51:50 -0500
Bryan Stout writes:
>A class or two of Icehouse strategy sounds like a great idea.  I
>haven't played Icehouse yet (Ice Towers either), and I feel a bit of
>an emotional wall about the learning curve.
>If it wasn't mentioned at the debriefing, I've wondered if we should
>award medallions for all the finalists in an event that has few
>competitors.  Fluxx obviously deserves it, given its prelim session
>every day; but a medallion for 4 out of 5 competitors?  That's
>something worth discussing for next year's Origins.

Icehouse has a lot of variation in the number of competitors.  We've
had some very large tournaments in recent history, and also (this
year) very small ones.

Also, the IIT predates the Experiment, and has its own traditions.

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