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Re: [Icehouse] Icehouse Digest, Vol 64, Issue 1

  • From"David L. Willson" <DLWillson@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 8 Sep 2010 09:33:33 -0600 (MDT)
First, I have a deep respect for the author of the email that I am about to disagree with, and I hope someday to do as much for the Icehouse community as he has, but I'll have to live many years to do so.

I disagree that "an Icehouse handout undermines sales of _Playing With Pyramids_"

I'm pretty sure it's always OK to create a new rule-sheet for a game. We would need to seek permission to use another's "copy", their verbage and original graphics, but not to create an original work that refers to an existing set of game rules. We can even make one so good, and so publicly licensed, that Looney Labs (or anyone else that wants to) can use it, or even sell it, ~without~ seeking our prior permission.

I really hate thinking lawyerly. I think people should play, share, and build on one another's good work, freely. I hate when someone says, "Stop, they might not like that," rather than waiting for "them" to just speak on their own behalf. MANY original documents referring to Looney games have been created. I've seen nothing to indicate that LL has taken offense at that, or will at this.

And for those that ~must~ think lawyerly, here are a couple sites that say stuph about copyright:



I'm grateful and devoted to Looney Labs. If ~they~ said that this effort would probably hurt their business, I wouldn't do it. I'd abide their will in the matter, not because of some notion of IP/copyright, but because of a notion of ~relationship~.

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