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  • From"David L. Willson" <DLWillson@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 30 Nov 2010 14:25:04 -0700 (MST)
Here's my line-up of Icehouse Pyramid Games for Genghis Con 2011.
(three formats, so you can make suggestions/edits, if you like)

See you in February.

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Zendo, an Icehouse Game

Friday: 9PM-11:30pm

Saturday: 9PM-11:30pm

Sunday: 5PM-7:30pm

Zendo is a beautiful game of inductive logic in which “students” attempt to divine “the Buddha nature”, a secret rule known only to the “Master”, by creating a series of “koans”, arrangements of colorful pyramids that either have, or do not have “the Buddha nature”. The first student to define the Buddha nature becomes the Master for the next. Zendo has been compared to Mastermind, but that's like comparing oil-painting to Lite-Brite. Rules taught. Beginners welcome.

Homeworlds, an Icehouse Game

Friday: 5PM-7PM*

Saturday: 9AM-11PM* 1PM-3PM* 5PM-7PM**

Sunday: 9AM-11PM** 1PM-3PM***

The ultimate space-themed abstract strategy game. For some, the game of a lifetime is Chess or Go. For many of us on SuperDuperGames.org, it's Homeworlds. Rules taught. Beginners welcome.

Players are encouraged to participate in a double-elimination Binary Homeworlds tournament. Finals on Sunday, tournament winner gets a 3HOUSE set (rules booklet and 45 pyramids, enough Icehouse to play many fun games).

* Enter the Binary Homeworlds tournament here.

** Intermediate Binary Homeworlds tournament rounds.

*** Final Binary Homeworlds tournament round.

Icehouse, The Original Icehouse Game

Friday: 8PM-9PM

Saturday: 8PM-9PM

Sunday: 8PM-9PM

The original Icehouse game, Icehouse. Fiddly and obscure, difficult to understand, practically impossible to play with newbies, and worse with veterans, it's a game only a mother could love. Come try to love Icehouse, and see for yourself why Looney Labs focuses on Treehouse, Homeworlds, Zendo, basically anything but this. :-) Rules taught, poorly. Beginners beware.

Something Really Different, any Icehouse Game

Friday - Sunday: all day, between events, as time allows

There are many hundreds of Icehouse games. Most are fun once, some are fun forever, some are like pulling teeth. Come try one or several. If you wrote an Icehouse game, or there's an Icehouse game you want to try, bring the rules and we'll try it out. I'll bring the "Playing With Pyramids" book, the "3House" booklet, and rules for Zark City, Evan Ice, Twin Win, Nothing Beats Large, World War 5, Zark City, and a few winners from the Icehouse Game Design Competition on IcehouseGames.org. Rules taught, bring the rules, or make up your own rules. Beginners and mad scientists welcome.

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