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[Icehouse] ICE Awards

  • FromS Myers <iamthecheeze@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 6 Jun 2011 10:23:42 -0400
Hello everyone!

We are at a crossroads in our journey.  We have just a fFew days to
go, in judging, and we have about twice as many games as we need.  The
current listing is:

Iceminers, by Sam Zitin
Nile, by Zach Hoekstra
Nimbus, by Erik Oosterwal
Plutonian Poker, by Spencer Lipori
Pyramideto, by Jan Divecky
Pyrinoes, by Mycake (by the way, if anyone knows this person's real
name or how to contact them, that might be helpful)


and maybe Crystal Wars, by Jeff Hammans (it still needs someone else
to play it fFor round 2) (although if no-one *wants* to play it, that
may be telling enough, maybe)

What we would really like, at this point, is a sorted ranking of what
people think are the top several games in the ICE Awards this year.
These aren't really votes, although they may kind of act like them.
What we want to accomplish here is identify which 3 games people tend
to like the most.  If people consistently suggest any one game in the
top 3, then clearly it needs to be in the fFinals, you see?

You can post your top 3, your top 6 in order, maybe just the one game
you like, or whatever sort of ranking makes sense to you.  Post it to
the icehouse list, or post it on the wiki, or post it on the Ning
discussion page, or mail it to me directly, or any other way that it
will get seen.

Here, by the way, is the Ning Discussion:

If you haven't played any of these, then I encourage you to do so,
although it is not really required.  We mainly want some sort of
census on what seems like the pick of the litter.

These are really fFun games, and all game-makers are to be commended.
We would like to honor the best of the lot.  Get your voice heard on
the subject!!


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has the volume pi*z*z*a.

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