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Re: [Icehouse] Martian Chess Set?

  • FromDale Newfield <dale@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 01 Aug 2011 21:30:28 -0400
Whoops--I guess I shouldn't have responded to just Ryan.
Of course, given that this is sitting on a shelf, any price I make up is meaningless without a buyer, so feel free to make an offer.


On 8/1/11 8:34 PM, Ryan McGuire wrote:
I was actually asking for the whole list.

I personally still have two Martian Chess Sets in the shrink wrap -- one
with the Origins Award sticker and one without.  I also still have a
shrink-wrapped Zendo boxed set as well, so I have no shortage of old-school

HOWEVER, I'd be willing to pay MSRP plus reasonable S&H if you had an
IceTowers boxed set. :-)


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On 7/30/11 6:18 PM, Ryan McGuire wrote:
How much?

IIRC, they were $35 when originally sold.

I think $100 (shipping included) is probably about right.

These had issues with the plastic box being a bit brittle (I.E.: either
the lid or the corners could break), but this one has been wrapped in
bubble wrap for 12 years, and is in pristine condition.


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