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[Icehouse] EW DES and Pyramideto and Flagpoles

  • FromMWE Board Games <mwe@xxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 1 Sep 2011 10:15:55 +0200
Hi pyramidohumans,

we would like to ask all pyramid gamers for a new try as we have updated our European war game. You may know this game already as it is variation on Andy Looneys WW5. But we changed some mechanics now - you need no dice but a deck of card that brings some "destiny" to the game. You can do sabotage and espionage now. And set peace by means of diplomacy. 

And of course, no problem to use our new rules to play on the beautiful Looneys WW5 board. 

So if you can try our new rules and tell us more about - just do it. The most needed information is about the number of cards player should hold in his hand. (Now set to three).

All about the game is right here: http://www.mwe.cz/europeanwar.html


We also changed a bit our Pyramideto game for families with children that you may now from ICE Awards. We added two wild cards - Rainbow and changed the rules a bit. 

All about the game is here: http://mwe.cz/pyramideto.html

We also plan to do more languages - english will probably stay and we can add all you wish - from frensh, spanish, hebrew to japanese or chinese.


The last but not least - we plan to develop more our Pyramids and flags game to add more flags and to add more groups of states. Ryan Hackel was so kind to allow us to use new name for the second edition - Flagpoles. To start to work we opened discussion forum for the game. So if you love pyramids and geography - here it is: http://flagpoles.blueforum.cz/

Best regards
Jan Divecký, pyramidoczech 


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