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[Rabbits] Unoffical Rabbit Report - Looney Games at our Spring Fur-B-Que

  • FromSilaria Windsprite <silaria@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 07 Jun 2005 21:57:05 -0400
Hello everyone!
Twice a year, Glen and I run a large bar-b-que, called the Fur-b-que because of the furry theme of the event, for our friends up and down the Mid-Atlantic region. We attract people from Virgina, Western New York, Indiana, as well as throughout Pennsylvania. This year, since our gatherings have been averaging about 50 people, I thought it would be fun to run a Mini-Experiment. I had 4 Happy Flowers and a deck of Aquarius to give away via a random drawing to those who completed the Experiment.

The night before the fur-b-que, one of our friends, Xander, came up to me as said he wanted to be a Demo Rabbit. :) I sat him down at the computer since he doesn't have access at home and let him sign up. I don't believe Russell's had a chance to look at his application yet because Xander doesn't have a Rabbit page yet.

About 30 people participated in the Mini-Experiment; many of who had either never played a Looney Labs game or had only played Fluxx or Chrononauts.Of those 30, 20 finished the experiment.

The day started with Fluxx. We played about 3 rounds of Fluxx before people wanted to try another game; Chrononauts. After the first game, those playing wanted to try again. Aquarius followed shortly thereafter. On another table, Xander was running demos of Zendo and Volcano. After dinner I pulled out my Giant Pyramids. We played IceTowers in the parking lot for about an hour and Zendo for another hour before it got too dark to continue. The night wrapped up with Glen running a game of Are You a Werewolf.

One of the attendees of our Fur-b-que had this to say about the games:
"I learned to play some grandly awesome new games and HAVE to get the resources to get them all. Such as Zendo and Volcano and Aquarius (this last one a card game!) i hope to get the cards games i learned and the pices for zendo and ice towers and many of the othert looney lab games so i can play them all."

Those who won the happy flowers and the Aquarius deck were thrilled. Many asked where they could purchase them. I directed them to check their local gaming store or, if there isn't one near them to visit the Looney Labs web site.

Overall, the Mini-Experiment at the 2005 Spring Fur-B-Que was a great success.

Sheri Rockhill

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