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Re: [Rabbits] [Event] Sci Fi Summer 2005 by Amy LoCurto

  • FromKristin Looney <kristin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 13 Jun 2005 22:30:29 -0400
I got a call this afternoon from Tony - the guy who runs Dragon's Horde, the game store that was selling our games at this convention...

... he just called to say how much fun his staff had playing and selling Looney Labs games all weekend. He said the show would have been a bust if it hadn't been for our games and our enthusiastic Rabbits - and that he will make a point of calling me any time he is setting up a booth at a convention.

:)  Whoo hoo Amy!  Whoo hoo small local conventions!

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Title: Sci Fi Summer 2005
Location: Atlanta Ga
Date: 6/10-12/05

Sci Fi Summer had a rocky shaping this year, as the head
director is currently serving our counrty in Iraq.  But
many other local directors all teamed up to make sure the
event not only happened, but was an enjoyable event for
all.   I started on Friday evening handing out experiment
badges to anyone remotely near the gaming room.  It was a
great way to meet new people and welcome them to gaming at
the con.  All in all I think about 25 - 30 people
particpated and most people earned at least 6 stickers.  I
had origionally brought some other non LL games I wanted to
play, but simply never got around to it, there was always
someone wanting to play another game from LL.  I logged in
about 20 hours total of game play over the three days and
never once regretted how busy I was.  The Annual Fluxx
Tourney was a huge success.  To win, you had to be the
first person to accumulate three wins in the finals on
Sunday afternoon.  It was hilarious to see the winner open
Flowers and Fluxx, toss the deck to another player (the
winner already had a deck),  pass out the flowers to others
around him, then with a huge smile remove and add to his
own deck the Flower Keeper.  He just wanted the card! I
also for the first time ever had four full stashes of Giant
Mids to play with, so I dragged them out to the center of
the lobby and had a great time turning passerbys into
players. I had a wonderful time teaching new games to
people and playing old favorites with others, and the prize
support was so much fun for the players,  Coordinating with
the game stores proved a great idea all around (they sold
out of a few items AND their employees learned hoew to play
about half the product line!) Whoo Hoo for small local
cons!  Whoo hoo for Looney Labs!
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