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[Rabbits] Penguicon 4.0

  • From"Clark D. Rodeffer" <clark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 30 Aug 2005 11:35:14 -0700 (PDT)
Gentle Rabbits!
(with BCC to certain Penguicon people)

I just heard this past weekend that Looney Labs have
accepted an invitation to be guests of honor at
Penguicon 4.0, a convention scheduled for April 21-23,
2006. So, this is an early call for any southeast
Michigan (and surrounding areas) Rabbits that might
want to help out.

In particular, several Demo Rabbits will be needed to
run games around the clock (our programming, including
the gaming hall runs all day and all night), and to
occasionally run errands. We (the convention in
general) could also use some "Penguins" to help direct
people within the gaming hall and do other light-duty
stuff, also around the clock (contact info available
upon request). There is also a special guest liason
position that's open on the convention committee, but
since there will be at least a few meetings to attend
in early 2006, the person who takes that job should
probably be someone from the greater metro Detroit
area. If you're interested, let me know, and I'll pass
your information along to the correct people.

You can e-mail me at gaming@xxxxxxxxxxxxx for details
about the perks for doing any or all of this, but they
mainly include preregistration discounts for people
running at least three hours of scheduled games and/or
serving on at least three hours of scheduled
discussion panels, partial registration refunds for
doing more than six hours of scheduled stuff and/or
"Penguin" work, hospitality suite access, *maybe* some
free shared hotel crash space (still being negotiated)
and/or other special treats from me. But of course,
the biggest perk of all is hanging out and playing
games with a bunch of really cool people for the

Clark Rodeffer
Penguicon 4.0 Gaming Chair
Roly-Poly Tablehammer Shuffleball Pope

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