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Re: [Rabbits] store interested in Rabbits!

  • FromAlison <alison@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 23 Sep 2005 15:31:02 -0400
Oops! Gosh, I get ahead of myself don't I? I thought I had forgotten to post this, and lo and behold I go and post it twice.




--On Thursday, September 22, 2005 5:58 PM -0400 Alison <alison@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello friendly long-eared types!

I've got a store in Florence, KY that's interested in getting a Rabbit in
to help them do some Looney Labs events for National Games Week.  I've
written to a couple of people, but they're not sure they can make it.
Maybe there are other Rabbits nearby who could help out?  If you're
interested, contact Mark Craddock, who is the "gaming coordinator" at the
store.  And email us to tell us if you are able to organize something.

Comic Book World
7130 Turfway Rd
Florence, KY 41042
Phone: 859 371 9562

We'd really like to help them out.  They've just started carrying our
games in their main store, and if things go well, they may pick our line
up in their other two stores (Cincinnati, OH and Louisville, KY)

We will be keeping the Experiment Kit and Experiment in a Bag offers to
encourage all of you to do something for National Games Week wherever you

It's time we here at the Lab started to gear up, and that means getting
everyone EXCITED!!!!  (and taking stock of our stock of experiment


It's Naaaationaaal Gaaaames Weeeeek!!!!
um... Thanksgiving week... in November....



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