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Re: [Rabbits] {SFBay} SiliCon Demo, Sat 10/8, 2pm

  • FromnaheniL boB <avatar@xxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 05 Oct 2005 20:06:51 -0700
At 17:09 10/5/2005, you wrote:
   Someone on this list posted about a game con in San Francisco on Labor
Day weekend.  What happened to them?  Do they live locally?

Them is me, and I live in Davis, CA. I will actually be at the Renaissance Faire at Casa de Fruta in Gilroy this weekend.

In other news, I'm getting involved with the folks who ran that SF Con - they're going to have one in my neck of the woods, in Sacramento. I'd love to talk to Sac-local Rabbits who would like to help build a demo area for Looney Labs games, and/or run Looney games as events at the Con. I'll do another posting next year as the con approaches - it's scheduled for April 2006.

-Bob Linehan

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