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RE: [Rabbits] Rabbit requested in Miami, FL

  • From"lisa" <neysalmd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 31 Oct 2005 16:18:28 -0500
Hi all!

Unfortunately, although I am in south Florida, I'm not anywhere near Miami
to do a demo :(

I'm in Broward County (just north of Miami-Dade County) & the storm went
right through here! Worst storm Broward has had in over 50 years!!!
We came through pretty good. Lost power for 5 days, but finally got it back!
We were lucky enough to get a generator the day after the storm (trust me,
there weren't a lot around here) but we couldn't get gas for it for another
day!! We ended up driving 1 1/2 hours north of us in order to get gas!

Our house had minimal damage. We only lost some branches off of one tree.
Across the street from us, 3 houses in a row had huge trees just torn from
the ground, so we got very lucky.

Most streets still don't have lights, so everyone has had to figure out how
to make 6 lane intersections into 4-way stops :) There's been a few
near-misses, but no major accidents.

All in all, I consider myself very lucky to have gotten through the storm so
easily. I know a lot of people are way worse off than we are.


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Hi Rabbits, all

You may have noticed that there are a lot more calls for Rabbits going out 
to the list lately.  This is because we've been making a big push on sales 
calls. Since Alvaro joined us as Sales Baron, he, Luisa and I have been 
calling a lot of stores.  Sometimes, when we call a store, we find that 
what they really want is a Rabbit.  Often, I'll just email one or two 
Rabbits near the store, but sometimes I just want to put out a general 
call, if it's just a general request.

So...Joel Fischer, at Sunshine Roleplayers is interested in maybe getting 
some demos in his store.  It's not urgent, but he expressed interest, and 
we have some people who seem to be kind of close.

7921 Bird Rd. #44
Miami, FL 33155
Email: rpgs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Phone: 305-264-1250

When I spoke to him, he was still cleaning up after this last hurricane, so 
maybe this will not be happening soon.  And this brings me around to 
wondering:  Hey how are our Florida Rabbits?  Doing okay?  Not too much 
damage, I hope?

Write in and tell us all how you're doing!  and if anyone has time, maybe 
after everything is back together someone could go say hi to this guy.

Thanks for being Rabbits!

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