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  • FromCarlton Noles <carlton.noles@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 6 Dec 2005 09:17:53 -0500
On an additional note we are still busy in Punta Gorda / Port Charlotte Florida repairing Damage from Hurricane Charley. Sixteen months later much has been done but much remains to be done. We are OK as we were VERY fortumate to live near property that was purchased by a developer before the hurricane.Between Him buying our land and the insurance on our home (which was woefully small because our home was part trailer and part frame house and there fore only isured for the value of the 1965 trailer (about 20K)). We were able to put a reasonable down payment on a house. My son is going up to mississippi later this month with his church youth group to do some relief work. I wish I had more to give to the folks up there but we lost so much in Charley we have little left. Fortunately what we have left is the important stuff. We gave food and money to the relief effort as we could and continue to when possible.

Keep up the work though. New Orleans and the Gulf coast will be fixing things for years.

Carlton "Kermit" Noles
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On 12/5/05, Peter Marchetto <pmm4@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear Fellow Rabbits,

The time has come, the petmar said,
To talk of many things.
Of hurricanes, and two-by-fours,
Of devastation storms bring.
And why the streets are filled with mud
And whether choirs still sing.

"O, Rabbits, come and walk with us!"
The petmar did beseech.
"Give us things to help those here,
Upon this Gulf Coast beach.
I'm sure you've enough to help us all,
A little bit from each."

        Okay, in case you haven't gotten the drift yet, I'm leading a group
of people from my area (Northern New Jersey) on a two week trip to
the New Orleans general area to help Emergency Communities (http://
www.emergencycommunities.org/) with their new aid effort. We're going
in early January. What I want to know is if you have anything that
you might want to send along with us. The main things that are needed
-Sleeping Bags
-Warm Clothing
-Warm Footwear
-Jackets and Coats
        Every little bit helps. I will be hand-delivering these things on-
site to EC, and helping with the distribution to people who are in
need. If you feel inclined to donate, or want more information on how
to help with the aftermath of Katrina and Rita, contact me. FEMA and
the Red Cross can't do everything: they're just fine for immediate
emergency response, but neither organization can do much for a long-
term cleanup. They're just not designed for it. Remember, after
Camille hit in 1969, New Orleans took 18 years to rebuild. Katrina
and Rita did much more damage over a much wider area.
        I also have a pre-formatted letter for soliciting donations from
companies or stores that you think might be willing to help.
        Thank you in advance for your time, and your good will.

Peter Marchetto


PETer MARchetto == petmar

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