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RE: [Rabbits] Fluxx: Pandora's Box!!!

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  • DateThu, 15 Dec 2005 13:56:06 -0500
Where would one find Pandora's Box?

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OMG Pandora's Box (the card) is evil!!!! :-)  :-)  :-)
I played a game of Fluxx with a friend last night, and it wend on for over 90 minutes!! One game!! We used Pandora's box about 5 or 6 times during the game, between it first coming into play, a couple of "Let's do that again"s, and a few reshuffles of the deck.  It was ultimately a Pandora's box play that ended the game, forcing a "Play All" where I had to play a goal for which he already had the Keepers on the table.  I love it! 
And I love my boxxes, too. :-)
Just thought I'd give my opinion. The rest of you guys *have* to get these things. :-D

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