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RE: [Rabbits] Rabbit needed in Atlanta area, GA

  • From"Billy Brahma" <billybrahma@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 16 Jan 2006 22:36:44 -0500

I called Tony last night to see if anyone had responded yet...


Please someone join him.. Amy and I will not be in Georgia this weekend.. We need someone to cover this..

There are tons of Rabbits in Atlanta.. someone please step up and work this event. They really show Amy and I a ton of Support so he needs to see he can count on our Demo team even when Amy and I are missing in Action.

Robert Bunn

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From: Alison <event-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [Rabbits] Rabbit needed in Atlanta area, GA
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 19:37:11 -0500

Hello Rabbits,

Tony Cade, at Dragon's Horde is having a Family Game day on Jan 21st at 12:30 in the afternoon. It sounds like he's trying to get some local coverage, and wants the event to be really awesome. He says he spoke with a Rabbit named Dave at Galactic Conquest, but there are several Dave's near him! Anyone who can make it is welcome, of course!

He'd love to have at least one Rabbit to help out at his event. It would be great if one of you rockin' Atlanta Rabbits could get in touch with him:

Tony Cade
Dragon's Horde
5615 Memorial Dr Ste E
Stone Mountain, GA 30083-3256
Email: helpcustomer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Phone: 404-298-1188

Thanks to all of you for being Rabbits!


Alison Looney
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