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[Rabbits] Salute ( London 22nd April), Excaliber (Cornwall 28th April-1st May)

  • From"Jennifer Waddington" <very_evil_kitten@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 20 Mar 2006 08:59:33 +0000
Well, the first one isn't strictly true. I haven't been able to get confirmed space yet as they filled up _fast_ this year (way more vendors than before), but the organisers know I plan to show up with a bagload of games, and are fine with me slotting in wherever if 'official' space isn't available (there's usually a couple of free tables on the day). General convention details are at http://www.salute.co.uk/saluteframe.htm - probably only Rabbits who'd be going anyway need to worry about showing up, since arrangements are so fluid.

Excaliber, on the other hand, very much expect us and have space already laid out simply because it's run by the same people that let us have all that space at Gen Con UK. It's a small holiday camp-based convention, I'll be doing cookies and unless you're very nice to me, Secret Midnight Cthulhu. The organisers' site is at http://www.horsemenevents.com/ and the details for the con can be found there (in theory; I have a devil of a job negotiating the site myself).

Now, I'd better find what I've done with the stash of Treehouse dice I've been making up....


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