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[Rabbits] music for demos

  • FromJosh Drobina <josh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 27 Jul 2006 13:41:13 -0400
I tend to prefer instrumental or electronic selections for background music during demo times, as music with vocals can sometimes interfere with your own voice. Selections I like include:

Kaki King (instrumental guitar, often bright, upbeat and fast-moving)
Massive Attack (some tracks, anyway)
Sound Tribe Sector 9 (electronic, some minimal vocals)
Thievery Corporation (some tracks)
Boards of Canada (this is a must-listen, if you haven't--incredibly talented electronic musicians, no vocals)

I haven't had the internet at home for a while, but when I did I used a tool called Last.fm to track the music I listened to:


if you'd like to see my more general music selections. :)

-- Josh

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