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[Rabbits] Request from the AYAW? Werewolf

  • From"Billy Brahma" <billybrahma@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 18 Aug 2006 01:37:00 -0400
I have received no followups on the request for pictures of myself in the Werewolf costume from Con's I've worked.

I get stopped constantly while wearing the gear for pictures.. so i know theres a bunch of them out there.. I need one or two for a project i'm doing and don't want to pose them. I want to be able to claim and feel honest about the images being actual Convention pictures.

So please if you have a picture of me in the Werewolf costume, the I'm not a werewolf T-shirt and the Lab Coat.. please please please forward them to me.

I started the little joke costuming at Dragon Con last year and have worn it at many smaller cons in Georgia, Alabama and Tenn as well as Origins this year.

I appreciate any efforts to help me with this.

Robert Bunn

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From: "Billy Brahma" <billybrahma@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [Rabbits] Request from the AYAW? Werewolf
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 20:36:31 -0400

I'm looking for pictures of myself in a the gear. The Werewolf outfit with the Labcoat on etc.

Does anyone have any pictures from last years Dragon Con or this years Origins?

If you do... please forward.. I really appreciate the assistance.


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