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Re: [Rabbits] not quite prepared

  • From"Carol Townsend" <carol@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 2 Nov 2006 15:47:19 -0500
You did NOT fail as a rabbit, Kimberly!!!  You did just fine!  Especially for a first time (practice).

How I know you did not fail:
1) You showed up.  (showing up is over half the work, sometimes!)
2) you had a plan
3) you showed the cool pyramids to people who wanted to play!
4) they want to play more cool stuff with you again later

that is a total sucess!

Maybe things didn't go totally how you planned it.  (that happens ALL the time!)  But... if YOU had fun, if KI had fun and if ANY of the kids had fun - it was a total success!

and you get to go back and play stuff again, right? 


On 11/2/06, Kimberly Terrill <kiter5@xxxxxxxxx > wrote:
I took my (borrowed) Looney Kit with me to my kids' art class. My oldest doesn't have class today, so I was going over some Pyramid games with him. Practice. Some other kids (15?) wanted to play Martian Chess with us, but I have not found 3 player rules. Just 2 and 4. So Gavin (my son) suggested treehouse. Sounded good..... until I realized I just had IceTowers (which means no treehouse dice or a list for using regular dice).
So I guess NEXT time I take along the pyramid games I should have EVERYTHING I might need to play with others, huh?
I failed as a rabbit today.
(P.S.- Gavin wins every game of anything, all the time. He's too smart and not fun to play with. Every since he was 4 or 5)

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