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Re: [Rabbits] PocketMod Badge 0.02

  • FromTheLoneGoldfish <thelonegoldfish@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 7 Nov 2006 02:23:47 -0600

> The "Little Experiment" book has been taken down by request, but I

Why did the Little Experiment book need to go?

It was written far more sarcastically and disiphemistically than was appropriate as a reflection of the company...

A new booklet of the "Little" scale is in the works, but it will be less focused as a reference piece than a summary of the kinds of games (card, icehouse, coaster, etc) and a biography of the company... I think it would be too confusing to cover 9 games on 6 pages.

However both badges could be combined with micro-catalogues in the "pocket" area of the booklet (between the cover and page 2)... which could help reduce some of that load.

I'll probably eventually release my source files for the descriptions of the games, as well as instructions on how to use OOo Draw to compile your own booklets and run them though the pdf2pocketmod converter... This will let people make their own custom "mini" booklets based on the games they're actually planning on running.


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