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[Rabbits] SuperFRED and I are sorry!!

  • FromCarol Townsend <rabbit-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 30 Nov 2006 18:45:30 -0600
Hi all,

I just wanted to apologize to the list for the sudden dump of emails into the system. I've been on vacation for a week (visiting my Mom in South Dakota) and this is my first day back - after National Games Week and all sorts of other fun stuff.

So, I've emptied my queue of cool reports and other great rabbity stuff and wanted to say "sorry!!" especially to those who get this list in digest form! It won't happen very often, I promise!!

But also - there's some cool discussions happening about how people are sharing Treehouse and Martian Coasters and stuff! That's awesome! Let us know how you've found great fun ways to show new people these cool games. That's exactly what this list is for. There's also the Icehouse list, which is the "list for everything pertaining to the pyramid pieces" which, I suppose, now includes these games too - I mean, you can't play Treehouse OR Martian Coasters without the pyramids, so there ya go, ya know? But that's the best place to take rules questions and specific nit-picky stuff.

So chatter on - let's hear how you're all being Rabbity in this season of longer nights (and therefore longer gaming sessions????) Remember, our Mission is to Multiply.... so go share those games!!


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