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Re: [Rabbits] Holiday Gift

  • From"Carol Townsend" <carol@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 9 Dec 2006 05:00:18 -0600
Now is a good time to check your Rabbit accounts and see if we DO have your correct info. We are starting to receive the "return to sender.... addressee not here" cards back at the office. As it says on the Looney Labs site (www.looneylabs.com, look at the first blurb on the page) our data clean up was far from perfect. (and yes - we're updating that site once a month now!  Come back and see the news often!!)  So if you're in the continental United States and you think you probably should have received your card by now, check your info and then "Contact Us":

And for those keeping score, no, I still haven't gotten my card.  I dug into our database and found out that I too was a "victim" of the not-perfect data clean up - which is why I haven't see my copy of the card with Tirade and Daddy-O and others smiling at me.  I feel silly that I didn't catch that before now - but that's my fault and is being corrected.  But the point is, check your account, make sure you get your info updated and then ping us at the contact info address on that page above (I didn't include the email address here because of silly computer bots who scroll for addresses.)

Cheers all!

On 12/8/06, Rev. Bob <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm starting to worry, myself.  I realized too late that LL still had my
old address, and I moved just over 2 months ago, so it's possible that
stuff is no longer forwarding.  I'd have thought it would travel from VA
to TN by now; USPS packages from Amazon's warehouse in KY only take 2

>  Not arrived in Saint Louis yet... :(
> > Just to let you know, it was mailed from our warehouse in Lorton,
> > VA on Monday.  That may help in figuring out where it might be
> > now.

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