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[Rabbits] Con Alert: OrcCon, Feb 16-19, Los Angeles

  • FromCarol Townsend <rabbit-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 19 Dec 2006 10:11:35 -0600
Hi folks,

The Rabbit Signal is going up again - this time on the left coast. This was sent to me by Rabbit Devi Hughes (<http://www.looneylabs.com/OurCommunity/Rosters/Rabbit/index.html?RabbitUserID=dhughes>), who is going to be Crazy Busy with lots of stuff at OrcCon and is asking for any-and-all help from those who want to run Looney Labs games at OrcCon. Here's the info that Devi sent:

====forwarded info===
Carol, Strategicon is an organization that runs three gaming conventions a year. The next one is "OrcCon" on February 16-19, 2007 and will be held at the Los Angeles Airport Westin Hotel. Strategicon itself is under new ownership, and as the new owners are personal frends of mine, I offered to try and recruit some Rabbits. To date, there hasn't been any Looney Labs activity at these conventions.

Although I'm a Demo Rabbit myself, and would love to run a mini experiment there with some other Rabbits, I've also promised the new owners to help out in other capacities that will preclude me from doing Rabbity stuff. I'd appreciate it if you could put the call out for Rabbit help for OrcCon.

More information about the convention can be found at:

======/forwarded info======

There ya are folks - have fun there!


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