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[Rabbits] Re: Are You A Werewolf? Online.

  • Frommadlab.rabbit.krishaven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • DateTue, 02 Jan 2007 06:27:39 +0900
From: DudeJedi@xxxxxxx
> I will be hosting(moderating) some games Monday 1/1/07 in the evening, 7pm  
> til 9pm and again 11:30pm til ? 
> I have a couple of people from this list already asking about it. So there  
> are my next official times I am doing it. 
> We also do it when ever we have enough of us online to do it!
> Later,
> Ryan Patterson

I fear my timezone will make it tricky, but I'm interested.  I'm
krishaven2004 on AIM.

Do you use Volity, or just do it free-form on AIM?


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